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2017 Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival Mobile App

Rise and shine! The official 2017 Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival mobile app is here and waiting to take you on a guided hike through the carnival! Use it to activate your wristband, check out the entire lineup and get the latest news updates as the 2017 carnival countdown begins.

Wristband activation is encouraged prior to visiting the carnival for enhanced customer service, and the easiest way is with the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival mobile app. Please review our Wristband Activation section below and follow the in-app instructions to complete your activation.

You’ll be able to view the entire list of artists and explore their socials plus add acts to your favorites list to receive reminders of when they’re scheduled to hit the stage. Share your favorites list with your friends via email so they can meet you in the pit!

Keep in the know with our breaking announcement push notifications, social media posts and news articles all within reach of your fingertips.

Stay tuned for fresh details as we inch closer to the festival dates, including: Detailed Festival Maps, List of Attractions and Set Times.

FYI: You may receive notifications based on your location at the festival that can help AMP your day plans.

Golf Trading Cards

Collect them all! Make sure your push notifications are enabled and look out for clues upon entry to the Carnival. Cards will be available both Saturday and Sunday from 12:00pm - 4:00pm or until supplies last.


Golf Media App

Articles, original shows, live streams, artist Q&As, movie and radio selections all put together by Tyler, the Creator. GOLF MEDIA is an interactive home to entertainment without ads and ideas without rules.


Cash App

Get $1 off all purchases all weekend long & skip the lines for GOLF SHOP when you use your Cash Card at Camp Flog Gnaw! Download the Cash App now & order your free Cash Card for exclusive access and rewards at the carnival.

  • Once you've got the app, simply tap the Cash Card button on the home screen, then select ORDER A CARD. 
  • Confirm your personal info, enter your shipping address & your customized card will be delivered right to you.
  • As soon as you've ordered your card through the app, you can add it to Apple Pay to start using immediately. Pay with your Cash Card through Apple Pay onsite at the carnival to access discounts and special line access too.

The Cash App is the simplest way to pay people back—whether it's for concert tickets, splitting dinner, or a new pair of sneaks. Sending and receiving payments is totally free and instant. Save your cash in the app, or deposit it directly to your bank. You can even use the free Cash Card to spend the money you keep in the app anywhere you like. Order your Cash Card in time for Camp Flog Gnaw today! 

Wristband Activation

  • Your unique 6 Character Activation Code is located on the back of the wristband saddle/plastic part of the wristband.
  • Activate your wristband prior to putting it on your wrist. You will be unable to read your unique ID number once on your wrist.
  • Only activate the wristband you will be wearing.
  • Wristbands can only be activated once.
  • Each wristband requires a unique e-mail address. You cannot activate multiple wristbands with one (1) email address.
  • Name and e-mail cannot be changed after you have activated a wristband.
  • If you need help with your wristband activation, please contact Ticket Purchase Support or visit Wristband Help near the entrance of the festival upon arrival..
  • Do not subject your sensitive RFID wristband to fire, cutting, excessive twisting, pulling, stretching or customization.
  • Wristbands are required at all times on festival grounds. You will be subject to ejection with no refund if you take off or tamper with your wristband for any reason. If you have an issue with your wristband, please immediately report to security or box office.
  • All wristbands will be checked for proper application by staff.
  • A person in possession of a wristband that has been tampered with or altered in any way is subject to ejection from the festival grounds without refund.
  • These policies and terms apply to your ticket and your use of the wristband. These may have been updated since you purchased your ticket: